La Fiesta

Released: 2000
Label: Zuk Records
Artists: Anette Maiburg, Wlodzimierz Gula, Leszek Potasinski
This CD is available from jpc.

„The sheer, vocal quality of the flute playing makes this track worth the price of the CD on its own. But then there are many more delights to savour. The solo guitar tracks, Folias, Canarios, Fête et Final, are all delivered with great conviction. Chick Corea´s Spain uses Rodrigo´s Concierto de Aranjuez as its starting point before developing into its own to my mind jazz style. La Fiesta is a substantial composition, which extols the joys of live.”

— Classical Guitar Magazine




Anette Maiburg

Wlodzimierz Gula

Wlodzimierz Gula

Leszek Potasinski

Leszek Potasinski

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