“Totally remarkable sounds”
— (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Whether Anette Maiburg is infusing classical soundscapes with glowing lyricism, luxuriating in the melancholy of a French chanson or swaying with dance-like suppleness in samba rhythm, her flute always sounds exciting, sensuous and colourful. Anette Maiburg is an elegant soloist and sensitive ensemble player and thus a virtuoso on her instrument but more besides. She is a true artist with a zest for experimentation, who moves with the surefootedness of a sleepwalker across the boundaries of genre and style.

Anette Maiburg began her career playing in various eminent orchestras: she was a flautist in the Hagen Philharmonic Orchestra, and undertook concert tours and music productions with the Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Bamberg and Düsseldorf symphony orchestras and the orchestra of the Beethovenhalle, Bonn. She has appeared by invitation as a soloist at all the leading German festivals. A change of direction in her previously classical orientation came with her encounter with “Trio Voyager”. This ensemble, which covers a range of music from baroque to jazz, fired her with enthusiasm for improvisation. Since then she has journeyed to several countries and continents on the lookout for new tonal potential for her instrument, to find new and as yet undiscovered musical treasures.

As artistic director of the Lower Rhine Music Festival Anette Maiburg adopts the motto “Sounds – Colours – Languages” and directs the focus on one nation at a time, exploring all its different facets. As soloist, driving force and initiator she puts her own unmistakable stamp on the festival and in her “Classica” series has, to date, focused on Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, France and Brazil. In connection with planning these projects she regularly undertakes research and scours the world for suitable works for her programmes. In collaboration with creative composers, renowned arrangers and top performers, who bring their traditional instruments along, fascinating dialogues arise between classical forms and the musical diversity of our planet. Startling, innovative programmes, in which nothing comes ready-made ̶ programmes in which the apparently inexhaustible musical material becomes transformed by Anette Maiburg’s unique approach and rejoices in fascinating rebirths or premieres. The famous label Dabringhaus & Grimm has since 2008 been dedicating a CD series to “Classica” which has been fêted by the critics and crowned with awards such as the “ECHO Klassik” prize.

A very important aspect for Anette Maiburg is the continual enlargement of the flute repertoire. She sets out to encourage contemporary composers to create new and demanding works in the solo, chamber music and concert repertoire for her instrument.

Equally important for this classically-trained flautist, who has also taught at the Musikhochschulen of Köln and Lübeck, has been to share her wide experience with the upcoming generation in master-classes. With projects developed by herself, such as “Ein Klang — Klassische Musik & Graffiti Arts”, she gives live performances combining music with the other arts and thereby fills young people with enthusiasm for the exciting world of classicism.

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