Classica Brasiliana

"...the performers do not just reveal the very high quality of the compositions; beyond the usual categories of serious and light music they simply make good music that sounds wonderful." (AUDIO)

Date of release: 2014
Label: Dabringhaus & Grimm
Artists: Anette Maiburg – Filippa Gojo – Rafael Aguirre – Marcelo Rosário – Gabriel Rosário – Wlodzimierz Gula – Roland Peil
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Anette Maiburg about Classica Brasiliana

Voyages of musical discovery

It has taken three years to conceive, try out and produce the sixth album in our Classica series.

During that time, we have played our way through many different musical jour- neys across that vast country with its rich traditions and idioms, considered many combinations and at last made a selection in which classical music, folk music and jazz coexist in harmony with one another.

As in Classica Cubana and Classica Espagñola, musicians from the various fields met and greatly inspired all con- cerned. Especially for us »classical people«, it is a great challenge to work with col- leagues who base much of what they do on improvisation. It is ultimately not only a leap into other regions, but also into other eras of »classical« music in which there was still room for spontaneous decisions.

Such moments of enthusiastic exchange have enriched my musical life extraordinar- ily. Seeing, hearing and feeling how those concerned open up to one another, how they listen to and spontaneously communi- cate with one another, and in this way also learn to esteem each other even more as human beings – these are experiences that have changed me for ever.


— Anette Maiburg



Anette Maiburg


Filippa Gojo


Rafael Aguirre


Marcelo Rosário


Gabriel Rosário

Wlodzimierz Gula

Wlodzimierz Gula

Roland Peil
Roland Peil

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