Workshop projects

Contact and exchange about music and art with young people is very important to Anette Maiburg.

For many years she has been developing and leading extraordinary workshops in which music is combined with painting, acting and dance. In 2017 Anette Maiburg created another workshop profile under the title “Songs around the world”. Here, live in the classroom, students are presented a multi-faceted cultural space through its songs, texts, rhythms, specific instruments and authentic musicians.

Through the music of a particular region of the world, young people are given the opportunity to deal with the history and society of foreign countries. But it is always about showing how closely many cultures are interwoven with each other despite all their differences and how much one can learn from dealing with what seems to be foreign.

Anette Maiburg’s latest workshop format, which goes to schools where young people make music themselves, aims in the same direction. In cooperation with professional musicians, programs are created in which the students develop artistically and create a concert together with the professionals and workshop leaders. For example, in 2019 she realized the project “Songs Around the World: Balkan” together with the accordionist Dragan Ribic.

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