Niederrhein Musikfestival

In 2005 Anette Maiburg together with Susanne Geer has performed for the first time the Niederrhein Musikfestival. Carefully begun with five concerts during four days it has become to an important cultural factor for this region. Besides, the festival founders pay attention to contrasts and possible connecting lines in between.

They also managed to win Schloss Dyck, a medieval moated castle with generous park, and the “Langen Foundation” with their bold museum building of Tadao Ando as a partners and venues.

As the artistic leader of the Niederrhein Musikfestival and under the motto „Sounds, Language, Colours“ it is a matter of Anette Maiburg to offer the artists a platform for interdisciplinary and imaginative concert creations.

The programmes move every year afresh venturing between classical period and light music, between music, literature and educational art. There the jazz pianist Frank Chastenier is invited on the stage with the actor and speaker Christian Brückner.There the classical musicians of the Trio Voyage meet on the world- famous Trés player Pancho Amat who arrives specially for the festival from Cuba and arranges a programme for the ensemble.

Next year a special project is planned around Arnold Schönbergs „Pierrot lunaire“ with the known singer and artist of the spoken language Salome Kammer. The painter and action artist Helge Leiberg will present spontaneously with an Overhead projector picturesque visions to the music which is played.

Numerous public rehearsals offer the visitor the possibility to feel the development of the programmes very closely with. A special scholarship holder’s promotion young and gifted chamber music ensemble is integrated into the festival.



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